In 2008, we initiated a study of factors that lead to sustainable economic growth and job creation. Our analysis of primary and secondary data sets drawn from more than 120 countries led us to build and publish a unique global entrepreneurship development index.  First issued in 2011, the Index is updated every year.

Of significance for government, international NGO, and business leaders, the Index yielded three major findings:

  • We discovered the 34 essential institutional and individual elements that make up every country’s economic growth system.
  • We identified the keys to unlocking a country’s full entrepreneurial potential.
  • We determined the individual societal weaknesses and bottlenecks to economic growth in each of 120 countries. Crucial for guiding high-impact programs that result in sustainable growth.

— Sustainable Growth —

Our methodology transforms traditional development programs into strategic growth initiatives by utilizing a body of knowledge we built during the past five years. Uniquely insightful country analysis and market intelligence provide a framework for designing initiatives that create enduring value and sustainable market expansion.

We are able to assess how well a country is supporting productive, high-impact entrepreneurship.  Because this is qualitative, we developed novel methods for capturing and measuring the contextual nature of entrepreneurship by focusing on entrepreneurial attitudes, activities, and aspirations – the 3 A’s of development.  Our in-depth analysis can identify a country’s stage of development and its key constraints, or bottlenecks, to growth. Using proprietary algorithms, we are able to determine accurately how targeted improvements in weak areas would affect overall system performance.

Just as important, we offer a formula for public/private partnerships to drive development based on mutual interest.  When multinational corporations, which play a vital role in global development, join country initiatives that seek to create economic and social value by improving the context for economic activity, they unlock a powerful dynamic for making the world a better place.

We deliver high returns at low cost, helping you to achieve your strategic objectives more efficiently and effectively. If you’re interested in exploring how we can help you optimize your economic growth initiatives, please send an email to Peter Komives at: peter@thegedi.org.