Entrepreneurship in an illiberal, unorthodox country: The case of Hungary

Since the 2010 elections, Hungary has been following a unique, yet controversial and debated way of economic and political development. The Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán […]

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London and the REF: Excellent universities will drive the UK’s rise

This is the second of a series on London and the UK’s potential rise to Number 1 globally for entrepreneurship. In my last blog I asked […]

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bulgaria flag

Does Bulgaria need more entrepreneurs?

According to previous Flash Eubarometer entrepreneurship surveys (e.g. Flash Eurobarometer 354, 2012) Bulgaria’s population has a better than average attitude towards startups and entrepreneurial activity when […]

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Can the United Kingdom be Number One?

The United States stands head and shoulders above of all other countries when it comes to entrepreneurship.  While the United States ranks 1st on the Global […]

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