Economic Development Consulting

Implementing growth strategies can be challenging in the ever-growing economy, whether you’re a newcomer or experienced. With economic development consulting, we aim to increase growth and wealth and improve an entrepreneur’s quality of life. As a leading advocate of the importance of entrepreneurship for economic development, Zoltan Acs has founded GEDI (Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index) to be the first roadmap and compass to track the global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

GEI featured in
The Economist

24 February 2011
Schumpeter: "Uncorking enterprise: Policymakers are desperate to promote enterprise. A new index could help."

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The Economist:
How to lie with indices

8 November 2014
"Competing indices jostle in the intellectual marketplace: the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap ranking, published last week, goes head to head with the UN’s Gender Inequality Index, the Index of Women’s Power from Big Think, an internet forum—and even The Economist’s own Glass Ceiling Index. Worse, some indices are pointless or downright misleading."

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