The evolution of the global digital platform economy: 1971–2021

by Zoltan J. Acs, Abraham K. Song, László Szerb, David B. Audretsch, and Éva Komlósi published in Small Business Economics, for full-text visit: Some years, […]

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Optimizing development processes for Smart Specialisation: Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index as a tool for the design of regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

(Note: This post was already published in the City-REDI website.) Optimizing entrepreneurial development process for smart specialization in the European Union by Laszlo Szerb, Raquel Ortega-Argiles, […]

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Scandinavia and digital entrepreneurship

We have spent the last three years assembling data and constructing the Digital Entrepreneurship Index (DEI) with which we attempt to measure the Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem […]

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